Evisu and Evisu Genes Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

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Pour sa collection Automne/Hiver 2010, Evisu présente deux collections Denim pour homme et une collection plus axée sur le sportswear - dans la collection Evisu et la nouvelle marque Evisu Genes. N'oublions pas que chez Evisu, chaque pièce est unique ! La qualité est un des maîtres mots dans la conception des collections. On vous en dit pas plus, mais on vous invite fortement à jeter un œil à leur site web à partir du 15 juillet.

For its Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, Evisu presented two collections "denim collection" for men and an other one more focused on sportswear - under the Evisu and new Evisu Genes labels. Remember that at Evisu, each piece is unique. Quality is a catchword in the design collection. We said no more, but we urge you to check out their website from July 15.


  • Each unique piece (t-shirts, wovens, knits, jacket, trousers, outwear, hats) incorporates a “Reference” to an iconic era, style or trend.

* Navy Deck Jacket references 1944 WWII Standard Issue Navy Pea-Coat (see “Navy Deck Jacket” image)
* Workwear Shirt references 1929 Workwear Blazer, a uniform of the working man since the Great Depression (see “Workwear Shirt” image)
* Waxed Overcoat references European high-design uniforms, known for their streamlined silhouettes and multifunctional pockets (see “Waxed Overcoat” image)

  • The tonal branding and discrete logo are examples of the brand’s transition.
  • Special care and attention was given to additional detailing, such as the reference to blood types in the clothing tag. It is a nod to the Japanese belief that blood types are indicative of personalities, character and compatibility with others (similar to horoscopes in US).
  • The Evisu line will retail from $195 to $595


  • The Evisu genes label offers a more contemporary, fashion forward look for an edgier consumer.
  • T-shirt, wovens, denim and outwear offer innovative designs that can be mixed and matched for a layering effect (see Nagahori/Takaida look)
  • The Evisu Genes collection will be priced at $145 to $295

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