A Short Visual History of Videogames

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Simplement fantastique ce court métrage réalisé par Kyle Downes pour son projet de fin d'études. Le film est une magnifique animation 3D, appelé "A Short Visual History of Videogames" et comme le titre l'indique, est un voyage à travers l'histoire des jeux vidéo, depuis 1972 jusqu'à nos jours. Toutes les consoles qui apparaissent dans la vidéo ont été créé par Kyle. Pour la modélisation, les textures, l'éclairage et la composition, il a utilisé Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop et Flash. Un travail magnifique...

Kyle Downes present is animated video - This was my final project for my BA(Animation & Interactive Media) course at RMIT, I worked on it over a period of 3 to 4 months during our final semester at uni. It provides a short comical overview of the history of the video game industry. My goal for this piece was to push my abilities to create photorealistic visuals of simple object. Most shots consist of a simple lighting scheme involving directional lights and area lights for diffused reflections, rendered in layers including a beauty pass, an occlusion pass overlayed and multiplied at varying opacities, geometry matte passes and depth passes. All consoles where modelled, textured and rendered in Maya 8.5, composited in After Effects 6.5, sound effects and editing was done in Premiere Pro. (via : ultra-awesome.com)

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  1. superman dit :

    looks like maxwell studio too; like the blown out parts. maybe mental ray. anyone? very dope my friends. very dope.

  2. Tyler dit :

    Um. Ok. Feels unfinished. The 1950′s-60′s voice over could have been better.

    3-D Animation was fun and well done.


  3. Alper dit :

    I also like the Video – shows a quick review about video games in the past. Thank you for this great short movie :-) I think I’d give a A- ;-)

  4. 1 dit :


  5. malandro dit :

    puta que o pariu!!!!!!!!
    parece que voltei no tempo, hauauhauhauhauhauhaa

  6. Renato dit :

    Ótimo! Bons tempos! Só faltou a nova geração!

  7. alex dit :

    yo man i like your web it’s awsom ya its awsom dude.

    (ya rock on)

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