Twilight - Subway Installation

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L'affichage traditionnel est mort ? En visionnant cette vidéo du dispositif, dans le métro de São Paulo au Brésil, crée par l'agence Ginga Interactiva pour la promo du film Twilight, il semble que la réponse est oui.

For the Twilight movie release in Brazil, Ginga Interactive has created a series of marketing stunts both on and offline. Apart from creating and uniting various fan communities of the books and film, interactivity was brought to the underground metro system in São Paulo. Interactive Posters were installed in various terminals of the metro system, with animated videos and content which bemused the diverse audience/passengers playing with the interface, and extra content sent via bluetooth to their cell phones (if they so wish to accept it). via: Ginga Interactive

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  1. Megan dit :

    Great idea, but watch they should have added was a feature that allowed you to have your photo taken with Edward Cullen biting your neck. That would have made all the ladies swoon.

  2. [...] ‘Twilight’ interactive poster subway campaign was created by Ginga Interactive. Sources:, and [...]

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