Club Campari 2009 Calendar with Jessica Alba

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La star d'Hollywood Jessica Alba succède à Eva Mendes (2008) et Salma Hayek (2007), comme le nouveau visage du calendrier Club Campari 2009. La marque Campari a confiée à Jean-Paul Goude le stylisme et la mise en image au photographe Mario Testino.

Jessica Alba reportedly will be directed by Jean-Paul Goude and photographed by Mario Testino for Club Campari-themed 2009 Campari Calendar.

Derniers commentaires

  1. Nauman dit :

    Trying very hard to look sexy but not at all. I think there can be a better option then her.

  2. Luiz Silveira dit :

    « Trying very hard to look sexy but not at all »


    I can’t believe that. You should ask yourself about your sexual preference.

  3. Shelby White dit :

    The fourth and fifth photos are the best in my opinion

  4. thierry dit :


  5. p dit :

    Sorry. That not her. No personality. She is of fame, but this is of low quality. Average at best.

  6. Renato dit :

    Well… she’s far hotter than these pics let her be…

    She’s Wonderful, but the production is not good… they could have « used » her better…

  7. soup dit :

    A bit of variety never hurt. A few make her look a lot more woman-ly than she is naturaly

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