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Co-fondé par Vittorio Strigari et le designer Ora-ïto, Awdio est le premier réseau web 100% Live permettant d'écouter en temps-réel la musique diffusé dans les clubs, magasin, hôtels et salles de concert du monde entier. Awdio sélectionne les endroits les plus hype de la planète et installe une "AwdioBox", boîtier multimédia capables d'encoder le son à sa source puis de le rediffuser en temps réel via le web. L'inscription est gratuite et permet d'accéder à l'ensemble des retransmissions. A vous les sons du magasin Colette à Paris, des hôtels Costes, du Lounge de Melbourne ou du Favela à Londres.

Awdio, the 1st website enabling you to listen to clubs and concert venues, all over the world... Live!
Awdio is the first web network 100% live allowing you to listen to clubs and venues around the world in real time : radically different from webradios which broadcast pre-recorded play-lists, Awdio travels the world searching for exceptional venues, with a team of engineers connecting quality dj booths and live stages worldwide. Co-founded in 2007 by Vittorio Strigari and the designer Ora-Ito, Awdio is now a young startup employing fifteen people, all passionate about music. With already more than 100 venues connected all over the world, Awdio broadcasts live 24/7 quality dj-sets and live concerts covering many genres. Young talent and international artists on tour can now share this unique and privileged experience with their fans worldwide. Awdio is the biggest concert venue in the world. It is a cultural discovery tool centered around today’s and tomorrow’s musical trends. The Sources and Artists involved can benefit from a brand new way of broadcasting and promoting themselves, and enjoy a significant part of the revenue generated by their audience. Already 100+ clubs and 1000+ events a month. Registration is free and allows you to listen to a wide collection of programs, all live! You have the ability to geo-locate the broadcasting sources, browse per style, per artist, calendar and schedule the events of your preference.

Vittorio Strigari and the designer Ora-Ito, Awdio Co-founders

Awdio map (click to enlarge)

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