Wallpaper Selects

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Wallpaper* vient de s'associer à Eyestorm afin de proposer "Wallpaper* Selects", une série limitée et signé par les artiste de son stock de photographies. Toutes les photos ont été des commandes du magazine et publiés dans Wallpaper *. Superbe idée du magazine et la chance pour nous tous de commencer une collection d'oeuvres photographiques contemporaines.


A collaboration between Wallpaper* and contemporary art publishers Eyestorm, Wallpaper* Selects offers you the opportunity to start collecting some of the most compelling contemporary photography, produced in editions of 10, 20 or 30 and signed and numbered by the artists. All of the works have appeared in Wallpaper*, having been commissioned especially for the magazine, but have never before been available to buy. The first collection includes images by Jonathan de Villiers, Mauricio Alejo, Jonathan Frantini, Christopher Griffith, Stefan Ruiz, Daniel Stier, Benedict Redgrove and Joël Tettamanti, printed on Fuji crystal archive matt paper and priced between £290 and £990.

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